Pastors Tom and Kathy Toney have served together in ministry for over 20 years.  Their ministry has been marked by a strong emphasis on reaching the next generation and has impacted the thinking of churches and organizations across the nation. Tom is unique in his presentation style, making every message both understandable and applicable to real life.  Using props, media, technology and a rich heritage of God’s Word, Pastor Tom engages others with truth, empowering them to grow in Christ.  Having led in churches from 40 to 15,000 people, he is a veteran leader with a gift for vision and strategy.  A Marion native, Tom considers it an honor to serve the ministry that his parents began in 1964, with his wife Kathy and their children, Grant, Alexandra and Max.  Pastors Tom and Kathy desire a church filled with people living in the true power of Christ, able to influence every part of the community for Him.



Be Amazing!


Family Life Church is full of amazing people doing amazing things.


The Weekend Worship Experience

Kids & Students

Equipping & Training

Outreach & Community

Strong Relationships


  1. There is Fresh Air Here
  2. Faith is Our Atmosphere
  3. Generosity Defines Us
  4. Better is Better
  5. We Like God’s Original Recipe for the Church
  6. We Live Led
  7. The Word is the Difference Maker
  8. We Make a Difference
  9. Plant Here and Thrive
  10. We Value Every Season
  11. No Drama
  12. The Tabernacle Inspires us
  13. Everyone’s Welcome in Our House
  14. We Use Our Words for Good
  15. It’s All About the Fruit