As we continue to host in-person services on Sunday mornings, we are excited to announce that our kids classes are opening up! In effort to respect those that God has given authority to, we are limiting our on campus attendance of our kid classrooms for a season until restrictions lift. We are asking that if your student desires to attend, please reserve their seat by claiming a free ticket for them in the links above. You can register them for our weekly 9 or 11 AM service.

To ensure the safety of our students, we are asking that parents register their students prior to Sunday service so that we can maintain a room limit as we open up. We encourage you to make your best judgement based on your personal freedom and family’s comfort.

You can get your free ticket to a service on this page of the website. Once you register, you will receive an email with your ticket and directions for attending.

These tickets are free and are a simple way to reserve their seat the day you arrive. Our team is working to ensure that all students coming to the building have a sanitized and safe place to learn. Our heart is to offer a safe environment while we push forward to worship in person without restrictions.