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KUEST Academy Christmas Program

Join us for KUEST Academy’s very first Christmas program! Set in the small western town of Incarnation, Christmas is celebrated with grit, giddy-up, and gusto, and is believed by its inhabitants to be “the most Christmasy town in the West.” 1891 – the year when 2 big “signs o’ progress” spell either trouble or opportunity. The railroad has finally punched through with the grand opening of Incarnation Station, bringing visitors for the first time from far and wide to partake in the Christmas festivities; along with the advent of the electric light, which promises to revolutionize Incantation’s Nativity program. Some fret that all the expected “outsiders” could threaten the peace of their quiet town and bring desperadoes, while others see this as a chance to spread the Good News of Jesus’ birth. Round up some rambunctious cowpokes, forward-thinkin’ townsfolk, a manger on loan, and a lot of raucous “Yee-haw’in’!” for some real Christmas adventure in the Wild West. Can’t wait to see you there! Refreshments will be available following the program.