God is very clear in His Word that there is tremendous value in having a vision. As a church family, we want to follow the direction of God in His Word and “write what we see” and expect it to become reality. We are committing to spending some time seeking God for the vision He has for our lives, families, and futures.

This sheet contains a list of questions that are designed to help you write down the vision for you and your family for 2020 and this next decade. We encourage you to set some time aside and search your heart concerning these areas, and if you have a spouse and/or children, please complete this together as a family. Attach another sheet of paper if needed. Then, bring this with you on Vision Sunday, January 19. At a special point during our services, we will pray for all of our respective visions as a collective group before the Lord. Please note, we are not collecting these forms or asking anyone to share what they’ve written. The completed forms are yours to keep reminding you of what you are believing for this year.