“We are choosing to cooperate with state officials in that we do not see this as an infringement upon our ability to worship freely, rather, as a precaution for everyone’s safety.  We understand if you do not feel you can follow these guidelines, and that is why we have worked so hard to make the online experience both available and powerful.  We hope to be together without restrictions soon and that you will join us then!”

We will also continue to host online services on Sundays at 9 & 11 AM. You can continue to stay connected to our other live streams and online zoom groups. Click here for the full list of live streams and online groups conducted throughout the week. However you choose to participate, we know God is going to speak to you! We encourage you to make your best judgement based on your personal freedom and family’s comfort.


As we follow state guidelines, in effort to respect those that God has given authority to, we are limiting our on campus attendance for a season until restrictions lift or we choose to do so. We are asking that if you desire to attend, please reserve your seat by claiming a free ticket for you and your family. You can register for our weekly 9 or 11 AM service.

You can get your free ticket to a service on this page of the website. Once you register, you will receive an email with your ticket and directions for attending. 

These tickets are free and are a simple way to reserve a seat for your and your family on campus the day you arrive. Our team is working to ensure that all families coming to the building have a sanitized place to sit distanced 6ft apart.

Our heart is to offer a safe environment while we push forward to worship in person.



If you need PRAYER - please text PRAYER to the church number 740-387-7778 and our prayer team will reach out to agree with you! 

If you have made a decision to follow Christ we would love to connect with you. Please text YES to 740-387-7778 and our team will contact you soon!

And - if you are online with us for the first time or wish to get more information about our amazing church family, text CONNECT to the 740-387-7778 displayed!

Our church family can’t wait to pray with you, or answer any questions you have about following Christ or about Family Life Church.


While FLC is connecting online, we are praying for your family’s financial wellness. We encourage you to continue to worship in your giving and you can give securely a few ways:  You can:

1. Give online.

2. Give by text: TEXT to 84321 with your dollar amount. 

3. You can also mail a check to:

Family Life Church PO Box 456,

Marion, OH 43301

*If you desire to give cash, set it aside (please don’t mail it) and bring it to FLC the next time we get together in person!